Friday, August 20, 2010

Back in the Bay

"Home: Honey, a Blue Crab, the back yard view and new garden plants."

On our summer vacation, 
we went to the beaches,
played by the pool,
not much difference you see,
but the company was cool.

Vacation time is over,
we are back in the bay,
it's good to be home
through we still have to play.

School is not in session,
what will we do?
Go back to the beach,
the park and the pool.

We are starting to plan
our vacation next year,
we're thinking the mountains,
a fire-pitt and some beer.

But now, we must first
live life day by day,
life really is special
in Guantanamo Bay.

OK I'm no poet.  I typed the first few lines and thought "hmmm that sounds like the beginning of a poem." So there  you have it, my weak attempt after only 5 hours of sleep and a very long, hard, busy week.

We are definitely back and we all hit the ground running.  Working, studying, reading, planning "parties" and other events.

Our trip home was uneventful.  It was so sad to leave everyone again.  The difference this time is that when we leave our family in the states, we join our family in GTMO.

Our time in VA Beach was great.  I have to admit that sometimes I missed not knowing someone when I walked into a store or a restaurant.  When we checked in at the airport in Jacksonville, it was like being back in GTMO again.  We knew everyone, everyone knew us.  We immediately became relaxed about where the kids were because it's likely someone knows them and we all keep an eye on each other.  It was like being with family.

On the flight to GTMO, once again, we were surrounded by many of the people we work and play with and that was a really sweet reminder of the place we now call home and a comforting feeling.  I did not want to leave my family, my son, the accessibility of stores, open air markets, etc. But after being in the company of our GTMO family leaving wasn't quite so bad or so sad.

Michael took a few days off to finish another one of his jewelry boxes, Emily took one day off then went back to work at the Coffee & Icecream shop, I went back to work the very next day--no sense in postponing my workouts. Natalie and Jonathan spent a few days visiting friends, sleepovers, beach and pool fun times.  Now they are back in a routine with Jonathan attending play dates and pre-school a couple of days a week and Natalie attending a camp program called D.E.F.Y (Drug Education For Youth) in which the kids learn about more than just avoiding drugs.  It's pretty neat, she's there all day, they provide food, fun, entertainment and best of all, it's free.

Now we're all working full force.  I am subbing for another instructor which leaves me teaching 11 classes in one week.  Thankfully he's coming back next Wednesday so he can take his classes back.  The good thing about all these classes is that they are all different and I get to burn off my vacation weight gain.

Honey is doing great but I must retrain some things she had just learned, however, our sitter did a great job with her.

Another little surprise was my yard.  Our land people must have come across some goodies which they put in my yard.  It looks so pretty. We have more work to do but for now I have garden areas, some pretty plants and manicured lawn.

Yes, life in Guantanamo Bay is pretty special.  So glad to have the opportunity to explore and enjoy this little patch of heaven :-)

Until next time!

Pictures coming soon! I promise!

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  1. My Dad served as XO of Fleet Training Group and we all lived down there from 1970 - 1973. I have always wanted to go back to Gitmo and have hopes that one day I actually can. I would love for my wife and kids to see where I lived down there. Looking at Gitmo on Google earth, I was able to recognize and remember a lot. Thanks for this article, it really brought back some great memories.