Wednesday, February 24, 2010

and here's the other half

OK so now I really can't complain, I've got everything. Does anyone realize what a task it is to unpack and find a home for all the stuff we own. Honestly, I lived with bare minimum stuff - one set of sheets for each bed, one pillow case for each pillow, one comforter, a few dishes, couple of pots and pans and enough cups and silverware for each person to have one. Oh yes, we also had 1/2 a couch (it's a blessing to have the entire thing, that's for sure) and enough chairs for each behind in the house.
Makes me wonder why we have the other stuff we have. I guess to keep the echo down and keep the closets full.
So anyway, we now have all our stuff. We can eat in the kitchen ...
or in the dining "room."
We can sit in the family room...
OR... in the sun room, which is currently separated from the family by several columns. That's right, there's nothing between the two. I'm working on that, must have a place to read, meditate....

So, while it is exciting to finally have everything, it would be nice to have someone come over and organize it all so I can finally sit and just enjoy our new home without worrying about unpacking another box, organizing a closet, or re-arranging a room.
Soon. Just a few more boxes to go.
Deep breath in... hold it .... breath out!
That feels great!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our stuff is here... well, one half is

When they told me last Friday that our household goods were on the barge and that they could deliver by Tuesday I was very excited. When Monday came around I called to schedule the delivery and that's when they told me that only 1/2 our stuff made on this barge, the other half would come later. So being the positive person I am I said, "OK, I'll take whatever you have." He was surprised and said "great, it will be there tomorrow!"
Yes it's only a partial shipment but, hey, it's something. What I didn't realize at the time was that they really only sent me half of just about everything. Michael was complaining and trying to understand why they wouldn't pack all parts of the couch in the same crate. I was just happy to have something that was mine, something familiar to me and the kids.
The comical part came when I tried to assemble things like our new comfy couch. We got only half of that, the bottom half.
Michael's new recliner. Yup, only half.

We got the entire piano and bench - can't do much with that right now.

How about this. Our kitchen table. How many chair do you see? Well, we did get a total of 2 bar stools and three chairs and since there are five of us here that worked out OK.

According to dispatch our next shipment should be on the next barge which arrives this weekend. I am not going to hold my breath or I'll be disappointed. If it arrives, great!!
We also have the kids beds, our bedroom suite and many boxes full of books, linen and clothes. That should keep me busy for a few days. Oh, and in the kitchen I have everything that was in my pantry, spices and other non-perishable items as well as some dishes. From where I stand, it's more than we had before.
And to answer in the words most commonly used here "It's GiTMO!"
Until next time, take care and feel free to leave a message, comment, or gasp at the idea of getting just half, literally, half of everything you own!!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome "Honey"

Before leaving Virginia Michael promised Emily a dog. The idea was that IF a dog became available here in GiTMO we would look into it and consider getting one that fit our family. She had specifics on what she wanted but the options here were limited to the pets families had to leave behind for different reasons of if a stray was found young enough to train. We were too late when those options were available so we waited. I think Michael was hoping none would be available then he wouldn't have to be the bad guy going back on his promise. That little plan back fired. Does he forget women talk?

Well, here she is. We finally did it. Honey came to us from another loving family who was not able to dedicate the time she needed and so they selflessly put her up for adoption... well, they called me directly and told me I could have her. Oh wow! I was not ready for a grown Yellow Labrador Retriever, but I hear they make great family pets.

Honey is 3 years old, has been well trained and is the most loving dog ever. She does not sniff behinds, has been able to keep her jumping under control and comes when she's called. Most important, she is house trained, does not bark or whine at night. Great starter dog. I know she looks small in these two pictures but as you can see above, she really isn't. She is definitely fully grown and full of energy.

I love to see how well she controls herself when Jonathan is eating something and she sits just inches away hoping he gives it to her or drops it on the floor. Not once does she lick or even attempt to take his food.

We have the most fun watching her play soccer with the kids, that includes dad. The house is still empty so they have the perfect space to play an evening round of soccer in the living room/dining room area. It is quite funny how she puts her paws on the ball to keep the others from taking it. She also lives up to her "brand" of retriever. It's like the words "go get it" are a secret code to go get anything that needs gotten :-)

Emily started walking her in the evenings, Natalie takes her out to play ball after school and Jonathan and I keep her busy during the day. I was surprised to see the "non-dog-lover" (Michael) playing with her and taking her for a walk. Do men like the idea of having someone just sit at their feet waiting for the next command? Maybe that's why they get along... hmmm!!

Rest assured, this dog is loved, played with, and cared for very well. She is a great dog coming into a family with little dog experience. We are all learning a lot with her.

Thanks for reading my updates and sharing in our life events in Guantanamo Bay!
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