Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our stuff is here... well, one half is

When they told me last Friday that our household goods were on the barge and that they could deliver by Tuesday I was very excited. When Monday came around I called to schedule the delivery and that's when they told me that only 1/2 our stuff made on this barge, the other half would come later. So being the positive person I am I said, "OK, I'll take whatever you have." He was surprised and said "great, it will be there tomorrow!"
Yes it's only a partial shipment but, hey, it's something. What I didn't realize at the time was that they really only sent me half of just about everything. Michael was complaining and trying to understand why they wouldn't pack all parts of the couch in the same crate. I was just happy to have something that was mine, something familiar to me and the kids.
The comical part came when I tried to assemble things like our new comfy couch. We got only half of that, the bottom half.
Michael's new recliner. Yup, only half.

We got the entire piano and bench - can't do much with that right now.

How about this. Our kitchen table. How many chair do you see? Well, we did get a total of 2 bar stools and three chairs and since there are five of us here that worked out OK.

According to dispatch our next shipment should be on the next barge which arrives this weekend. I am not going to hold my breath or I'll be disappointed. If it arrives, great!!
We also have the kids beds, our bedroom suite and many boxes full of books, linen and clothes. That should keep me busy for a few days. Oh, and in the kitchen I have everything that was in my pantry, spices and other non-perishable items as well as some dishes. From where I stand, it's more than we had before.
And to answer in the words most commonly used here "It's GiTMO!"
Until next time, take care and feel free to leave a message, comment, or gasp at the idea of getting just half, literally, half of everything you own!!

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