Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome "Honey"

Before leaving Virginia Michael promised Emily a dog. The idea was that IF a dog became available here in GiTMO we would look into it and consider getting one that fit our family. She had specifics on what she wanted but the options here were limited to the pets families had to leave behind for different reasons of if a stray was found young enough to train. We were too late when those options were available so we waited. I think Michael was hoping none would be available then he wouldn't have to be the bad guy going back on his promise. That little plan back fired. Does he forget women talk?

Well, here she is. We finally did it. Honey came to us from another loving family who was not able to dedicate the time she needed and so they selflessly put her up for adoption... well, they called me directly and told me I could have her. Oh wow! I was not ready for a grown Yellow Labrador Retriever, but I hear they make great family pets.

Honey is 3 years old, has been well trained and is the most loving dog ever. She does not sniff behinds, has been able to keep her jumping under control and comes when she's called. Most important, she is house trained, does not bark or whine at night. Great starter dog. I know she looks small in these two pictures but as you can see above, she really isn't. She is definitely fully grown and full of energy.

I love to see how well she controls herself when Jonathan is eating something and she sits just inches away hoping he gives it to her or drops it on the floor. Not once does she lick or even attempt to take his food.

We have the most fun watching her play soccer with the kids, that includes dad. The house is still empty so they have the perfect space to play an evening round of soccer in the living room/dining room area. It is quite funny how she puts her paws on the ball to keep the others from taking it. She also lives up to her "brand" of retriever. It's like the words "go get it" are a secret code to go get anything that needs gotten :-)

Emily started walking her in the evenings, Natalie takes her out to play ball after school and Jonathan and I keep her busy during the day. I was surprised to see the "non-dog-lover" (Michael) playing with her and taking her for a walk. Do men like the idea of having someone just sit at their feet waiting for the next command? Maybe that's why they get along... hmmm!!

Rest assured, this dog is loved, played with, and cared for very well. She is a great dog coming into a family with little dog experience. We are all learning a lot with her.

Thanks for reading my updates and sharing in our life events in Guantanamo Bay!
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  1. Hi Terie! I looked for a place to comment on your most recent post, but couldn't find it....Your new home looks lovely, and it's nice to know your settling in just fine. I can't imagine having to move everything...what a job! You deserve a nice long rest...and a brownie! Enjoy your Sunday! ;) Paulette

  2. The strangest things are happening with my commenting tonight! My above comment was for a different post! ... Honey is a beauty! Good luck with her Terie. Your kids are so cute! ;) Paulette

  3. Hi Terie, I am also a Terry and am moving to Gitmo in a couple of weeks. What should I pack out and are the spiders/snakes/lizards as scary as I imagine? Also my kids 8 & 6 are cautiously optimistic what is there to do for kids? Are you bored there? Also what is the internet/telephone systems like...sorry for all the questions thx