Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Diving Pebble Beach-Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Since I became PADI Dive certified just a little over a year ago I have to say that I found a completely new past time I love. Diving. It's peaceful, it's always different under water, you never know what you'll see next. It's truly, a whole new wold. I had many moments where anxiety took my breath away and therefore the air in my tank. That had to be frustrating for my dive buddies-- could be why they stopped calling me to dive with them, hmm. Well I am not as afraid anymore, I am so much better on air conservation then I was last year and my new passion is taking underwater pictures.

I only have a little camera, nothing fancy. I have an Intova CP9 if that means anything to anyone out there and it takes OK pictures. Visibility helps and of course if the creatures stop moving for a second while I take their picture. One of these days I'll get the settings just right and show off great shots. For now, I'm just happy to have something to show the kids when I surface.

This year I finally convinced Michael to get certified and now he is the one addicted. He would go everyday if he could. We have been on several dives together. Off a boat, shore, and bay side. Sometimes we get lucky and the visibility is incredibly clear and other times not. Like I said, it's a whole new world out there and its always an adventure.

This week Emily began her certification class. It's part of making her senior year the best she can and I think adding this to her bucket list will make her feel so accomplished. I mean, not many kids can say they've been diving in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

This is Pebble Beach... doesn't look like much from this angle but it is a nice little beach, perfect for the kids, get some wave action and it has some sand, not just pebbles.

Enjoy. Until next time.

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