Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring is here, yet everything remains the same

One of the great details about GTMO is the climate. You either love it or hate it. It's warm during the winter months, sometimes hitting the 90s mid day and warmer in the summer months. I'd like to say we have a tropical climate but to call it tropical we'd have to experience rain once in a while. It has been at least five months since the last true rainfall. It is so dry that Public Works has suspended the few lawn watering days we had to no watering at all. The crazy thing is that if you look at the distant mountain range that surrounds us you can see the rain and the clouds building up, it just doesn't quite make it to this side.

March 21st was the first day of spring and it rained for about three seconds. Everything remains the same. It's windy but the temp is pretty steady year round, changing throughout the day. On the bright side, no rain means no mosquitoes and I'm ok with that for a while. It's nice to sit outside and enjoy a nice afternoon without the use of mosquitoe repellant.

At night there's a comforting breeze that sometimes forces me to wear a light jacket...feels great. In the early morning hours we have perfect running, walking, biking weather or sit out back with your coffee weather. Here you won't find the changing seasons, instead a very predictable climate which you quickly learn to embrace.