Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hurricane Season or Mosquito Season?

I'm not really sure what's more important in my hurricane kit, batteries or bug repellent?  We have lived in hurricane alley (is that what we call it?) The focus of living in an area frequently affected by hurricane weather is to pack, plan, and track. Pack the emergency baskets, plan the evacuation route, and track the weather so you know when to go.

Here in GTMO there aren't many difficult routes.  Those of us who live on the bluff or water front homes simply plan in advance, to go to a friends home away from the water or one that is considered hurricane safe or the shelters (schools and gym.)  We are encouraged to pack a kit, to which I say how about I just bring lots of food and water to my friend's house at the beginning of the season, we do have to have a road plan, food, water, clothing, etc. But it's really a no-brainer.  Most important, however, is what happens during the season.  We get a lot of rain, on and off, or worse yet, it stays humid, very humid the majority of the time, day and night and the best part, we get lots of mosquitos.  They are big, hungry, and could care less about repellent or thick jeans.  They'll sting through clothing as if it wasn't there.

We go through gallons of Off, Skin-so-Soft and alcohol, and a host of other chemicals aimed at keeping us invisible to the bugs.  Let's not forget the citronella tiki torches, citronella candles, fans, and special bug lights.  It really is a nuisance to have such a great  view and not be able to enjoy it or the warm summer breeze because of these naughty bugs.

I generally can see the bright side of any situation and rarely speak negatively about GTMO or any other place but now I'm just tired of the bites.  OK I'll have to change the tune now to a more positive note.  We have great windows, air conditioner, and our grass is once again green.  So for now we'll just have to limit our outdoor time and enjoy the view from inside.  Soon the rain will stop and we will go 6-9 months without a drop of rain.

This is life in Guantanamo Bay and we do learn to make sangria out of every bad bottle of wine we're given!

Take Care,


  1. Terie,

    Could you contact me at your convenience? I am considering taking a position at GTMO.

    Had some quick questions..

    Wilson B

  2. Oh wow, long week... sorry for the delay. Will email you shortly...