Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Vacation in the Mountains

This year our family vacation took us to Deep Creek Lake.  A beautiful Ski Resort in McHenry, Maryland.  We, of course, did not do any snow skiing, however, we could not have picked a better location to go during the steaming summer weather this year.  I really can't complain about our high of 89 when everyone else was experiencing highs in the triple digits. I'm sorry and I hope you did everything possible to stay cool.

During our week at the lake we had a chance to really relax.  Being off island can truly be appreciated if you can just stop and slow down for a little bit.  We spend plenty of time on the water and in the water, hiking the trails, and playing in the sandy beach at the State Park.

Things we saw that were different (No Iguanas here) but we did see several Deer, Chipmunks, and pretty Butterflies.  The Ducks and Ducklings came out every morning and this was really neat to share with our little guy.

I would recommend this area to anyone who really wants to have a great summer vacation without the overwhelming heat, not much traffic to deal with, and not many people vacation in the mountains so there was really no waiting in any line anywhere -- that was the best part.  WISP resort has a ropes course, a golf course, and a mountain roller coaster you control yourself.  Of course I cant forget the go-carts, mini-golf, and arcades in town.  A lot to do but still a lot of time to relax.

Week two might not be so relaxing but it will be fun to visit old friends and family before heading back to the rock.  I miss my friends in GTMO.  See you soon!


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