Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Bay--she will be missed

We planned to go Kayaking and Paddleboarding today, another item to check off my bucket list before I leave on Saturday.  I know, Saturday July 21st is our day to close the Guantananmo Bay Chapter and begin a new one in the DC area.  This is surreal so I'm not going to talk about that right now.

The plan was to go kayaking, instead the trip was cancelled because of Thunderstom Conditions 2 which dictates that non motorized vehicles cannot be in the bay.  We were dissapointed but as you know, I like to take every challenge and go with it because everything happens for a reason.  We pondered what to do for a few minutes then decided to take out a boat.  I have a license and the price is fairly inexpensive.

So we rented a pontoon and off we went. At first it was just socializing and watching the kids enjoy the breeze, the water, I was impressed at how happy they were being on a boat.  Then we spotted a few fins in the water… I've been waiting for ever to see them.  We spotted a family of dolphins.  We stayed in the same area for a while until we saw them again.  The were swimming around us for a while.  I could not get a picture but believe me, they were so happy and we were so excited to see them.  It was like a little gift to me because everyone told me about them but I never saw them.

Then we saw the Pelican diving for food.  Another spectacular show. Here they are resting after dinner.  Such a treat.

The bay will be missed by us all.  I could not take enough pictures of everything we saw. As you can see here, there are good reasons to feel sad about leaving such an amazing place.

I know this blog has been a source of comfort for many moving to Guantanamo.  I will leave it open for future residents and will continue to write back if you leave a message with any questions.  I have so many pictures to share but it will be easier to do in the world of High Speed internet.

Ask away and take care!

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