Monday, January 11, 2010

A cold day in GiTMO

This weekend was relatively cold in GiTMO. I say cold but not complaining at all. I know the real cold has been felt in the hottest states but for this region to require sweatshirts and long pants it is a rare thing. This is not an up or a down, just an observation.

So today I received my "express" household goods. This is supposed to be the shipment they pick up about a month before the actual move in which we are supposed to pack the things we need/want to have in advanced until our big shipment of stuff arrives. I understand now, that kitchen items would have been a great thing to send ahead. However, things were so whacked in my case that this was the last shipment they picked up and the only thing in it were the towels, pillows, sheets, a small TV with no remote (doesn't work without it), an old laptop (great for watching videos), and just about anything else I found laying around; anything that was left over from the big move. Oh yes, the kids bicycles and a soccer ball too.

That was disappointing, to say the least!! On the bright side, my kids were excited to have their old comforters, towels and pillows back. My little ones were more excited to have a box to play with...yay for little people. They are happy with the simplest of things.

Our truck is also here now. We got it in less then 30 days!! Amazing! It seems people come and go on vacation or work, etc. It is during their absence that a family or unaccompanied service member uses their car until they return. I have a great story about one of my borrowed vehicles but that's for another blog post because this you have to see in pictures.

Tonight I went to see a movie at the Lyceum. It is our outdoors movie theater where we get to watch movies for free. Where the popcorn is as good as any other theater but costs only $1, $2, or $3 if you want the barrel 'o popcorn. The drinks are cheap and you don't get gallon sized sodas. They even serve beer... how cool is that if you like beer. Hot cocoa or tea would have been great tonight, just saying.

We went to see Sherlock Holmes. Great movie. Lots of humor and interesting effects. The downside, I was tired and sleepy and cold; (oh my gosh I can't believe I was wearing sweat shirt/pants and shared a blanket with a friend) it's Cuba and I was cold. OK totally not bitching about being cold. I know my relatives are most likely telling me to quit whining about a little wind and temperatures about 68 degrees F. (Sorry!!)

On the bright side, I came home to complete silence. Everyone is in bed... the remote and the internet bandwidth are all mine!!!

Adios Amigos!!

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