Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sea Glass from Glass Beach

I said I would come back with some sea glass photos and here they are. Sorry it took so long. I've had to retrain myself with uploading and downloading photos in our slow "high speed" internet system. But on to better topics:

These are tiny cobalt blue pieces. Really hard to find and when we do, we drop everything to salvage the little pieces out of the water. I love this color, very vibrant.

These range from cyan to aqua and teal. These remind of the colors we see in the water. Not so hard to find but apparently very nice to wear as jewelry.

This green sort of reminds me a granny smith apple. Again a nice vibrant color that would look pretty nice as a jewel.

This here is white sea glass, sort of obvious huh? The little one in the middle is red. I really wish my other camera was working. So anyway, the red is very rare and hard to find. I hope to find more of the rare colors during my stay here.

I really like the way the look all together. I don't really have my house hold goods yet so I can't really get very crafty. But these sit on a white plate with a red candle in the middle. Warms up my very white counter tops.
These are olive, light and dark. I wonder if these were once wine bottles. I'll have to do more research on the origin of the different colors.
Let me guess, beer bottles? Mixed in these are some light colors like amber and the very dark browns. Apparently there's a gold out there that's supposed to be rare as well.
I hope you enjoyed my gems. I hope someday to be showing off the rarest of them all!!

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  1. Such pretty colors! That is very cool...

  2. Wow...I've been reading, and you have been through some BIG changes! You've started a whole new sounds like a wonderful adventure! Your sea glass is so beautiful, and you've found so much of it! I've done lots of walking on the many beaches of Long Island, and have never come up with a stash like this! Some people call sea glass "mermaids tears". Enjoy exploring, and getting used to your new life. I'll be back to visit soon. Good luck to you all! xoxo Paulette ;)

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  4. i will be headed to the area in about 4 days and hope to find some seaglass. just found your website searching for pictures of what to look for. you really have some nice variety.