Friday, May 7, 2010

...updating, it's been so long!

I'm finding it hard to believe that we've been here almost five months. Time flies amazingly fast when you're busy and catching up is almost impossible. But those days are soon coming to an end for me. In one more week I will turn in my last written paper for my Medical Anthropology class, my last class before graduating college.

At the age of 42, I am finally getting my BS in Social Studies and Humanities with a concentration in Anthropology from the University of Maryland University College. So what am I feeling every time I think that this is it, no more reading text books, no more writing papers, no more communicating with the intellectuals at my school? A little separation anxiety, ok, maybe more than a little. I have been doing this for so long that I'm almost afraid to give it up, although, some downtime would be nice.

The next question I often get is "So what do you plan to do with your degree?" Hmmmm, good one. I would like to be a Cultural Anthropologist who travels to India and other Asian countries to study their culture and discover more than one could ever imagine in societies that are so different than our own. It is enriching, humbling, and has helped me to appreciate all that I have more and more each day. However, I don't know if that's something I will ever do, but I can try... someday, maybe.

In the short term I just want to continue working as a fitness instructor so that I have the flexibility to raise our children and be home for my family when they need me. I will have some time, here in GiTMO, to consider different possibilities for my future job. Teaching PE is appealing as long as I have kids in school and I feel that's the only thing I would ever want to teach, except maybe something in my field, but for that I need experience. I have discovered that there are more jobs than I expected with the government and in the civilian sector, for people in anything related to societies, culture, humanities, sociology, etc. so that's another option. There are many things to consider but I can't stress about that right now.

The one thing I will miss is my graduation. I can't travel to the states to graduate and the one scheduled to take place here was cancelled for reasons I don't yet understand. I wasn't notified until 3 days ago and the only plans to celebrate included a pot luck party at the Directors home. So I had to choose between that and a full body couples massage in my home... what do you think I chose! Yeah! The massage! It was relaxing, soothing and stress relieving.

The list is long but I will give you the abbreviated version of our busy lives these past few months-- Emily has softball and is doing really well, she also has tennis lessons, Natalie also goes to tennis as well as Swim lessons for her and Jonathan. Four days a week I'm at the pool for two and a half hours each time. Yes it gets old and during the off times we just don't go there. Natalie is also doing her first communion this coming weekend, another momentous occasion, another reason to gather our closest friends, pretty much everyone in GiTMO and have a party.

I had to take four classes this semester to avoid postponing the graduation date. The were intense, all required several long papers and more reading then I could fit in one sitting. A lot of analyzing, researching, and worst of all, the slow internet connection that sometimes kept me from posting my homework.

Then there's the matter of cleaning this house. It never seems to be clean. Dust is our friend and so are dirty floors. Thankfully we have Cuban tiles and they are easy to clean but it all takes time. Fortunately I have yard people. I feel so special :-) But they come by once a week to do everything yard related, including watering the grass. This, my dear friends and family, is why I've been too busy to do much, except the occasional escape into the world of FaceBook, which, around here, seems to be the only way to know what's going on around the base -- well, not the only way, but the most reliable way. Wouldn't want to miss a social event, Ha!

I hope to be more active in sending updates, pictures, calling and writing. I'm sorry I have fallen behind but I will catch up. I can't wait to see many of you this summer during our summer vacation in Virginia. I'm very excited about the trip, not so much the beach but certainly mall, real restaurants, Coldstone Ice cream (yum), seeing my family, my first born, and my friends. I can't wait!!

Until next time.... please leave me messages on the blog :-)



  1. Hi Sweetie! Boy, you have been busy!!! Sounds very exciting though. Congratulations on almost being done with school...that had to be so difficult with the family and your traveling and all. I hope you're enjoying a beautiful Mother's Day!
    xo Paulette

  2. Wow... yup. Busy! I feel you, though... Truly. Everyone (including me) thought we'd be living all laid back in the Caribbean. It couldn't be further from the truth! I find I'm busier here than ever! And it's wonderful ;) ...until you realize you're exhausted! Glad you're going to keep up the fitness instructor gig - I really appreciate that :D

    Natalie's first communion was beautiful! So was Emily's prom (yeah... what? no mention of prom?). Hahaha! You have precious kiddos, Lady!

    Congrats on the degree! Mine is doing nothing more than decorating my wall... nice to have one though, right? You know... just in case ;)

    See you en la manana!