Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busy...busy...busy - just saying!

WOW!! It's amazing that I have time to write anything but I have a few minutes and some residual energy to use up and I need a break from school work so here goes.. the latest and greatest news from GiTMO:

Michael had a cold... yeah! Most of you know what that means so I'll just leave that alone for now! He is going to the states for a week but only as far as Jacksonville, FL so don't get excited. He's going to a class and then enjoy some free time. I get to stay home with the kids while their in Spring Break. Show me where this is right or fair... Whatever!!

Emily turned 16! umhmm! 16 years old and testing whether she gets to see 18 on a daily basis. Her friends threw a party for her at Windmill Beach. A party to which I had to provide the food, drinks and a fire permit so they could have a bon fire. It was great and the 17 - 16 year old kids in attendance were great, had a great time and managed to make Emily feel "loved" by many.

Emily joined the softball team (co-ed) where she realized she can't hit or catch the ball. But it's OK because here, you don't have to be good, you just have to participate and have a great time. She is also taking Tennis lessons in hopes that she will be able to keep up with Aunt Helen when we go back to the states. Maybe if she practiced in between lessons.

Natalie is taking Tennis lessons as well. She loves it and is doing well. She is also back in the pool with semi-private lessons. Not on purpose, there just aren't that many kids in her group so that works out great.

Jonathan is taking swim lessons too. The child could not stand water on his face, in his eyes, anywhere on his head. He refused to jump in the water and cried every time the lifeguard took him away from the wall. That was week one. Day two of week two he was dipped in the water, he cried, so he was dipped again, this time for a longer period of time. By the end of this class he was jumping in the pool all by himself. Now he loves to go under water and spin around, swim to and from the wall, whether I'm looking or not so now, I have to keep an eye on him at all times. Everyday he looks more and more like his brother.

I am almost done with my classes. One will be over next week, one in two weeks and the last one by mid May!! YESSS!! Finally, I will have my bachelors degree in Social Studies and Humanities and what do I want to do when I'm done you ask? I really want to stay in the fitness field. I truly love what I do and the effect that my "job" has on people. I believe there is no sense in going to a job you don't love. I love teaching fitness classes, I love making people feel great about themselves, I love how I feel after each class.

My regulars are awesome! They are always there and always giving me fantastic feedback. Opportunities to work at the gym have come up but that would mean I don't get to teach anymore, I get paid less, work longer hours and I have to put the baby in day care. It's just not worth it.

So I am currently teaching 7 classes (5 spin and 2 boot camp) with 2 more coming soon. Of the seven, 2 belong to another instructor but I'm subbing while he's off island visiting family in Jamaica. The 2 new ones are still in the works, no confirmation yet.

Jonathan has his play group a few days a week with and without me, he goes to the little pre-school a couple of days a week. We are BUSY to say the least. But there isn't anything about what we have that I would change.

We still manage to attend fun social events (Bunco, Cooking Club, PTO events), the movies when something good is playing, the beach, the pool, and Iggies (the Galley or cafeteria) for some yummy food. It's really not bad, plus it's pretty cheap and little kids eat free.

How do I do it all... I LOVE what I do, although, I will be really happy when classes are over for me and I can take a well needed break from school work so I can catch up on reading for pleasure and not to get a grade.

So go out and do what you truly love and soon you'll realize that it just doesn't feel like work! Have fun!

Until Next Time!


I have pictures to share but upload at this hours is nearly impossible so I will post them tomorrow!!


  1. Terie, your "regulars" appreciate your commitment to the class... and the fact that, unlike other instructors, YOU SHOW UP :D You do such a great job as a fitness instructor and you really DO make a difference in ALL of our lives! THANK YOU!!!

    I'm so glad everyone has found there groove here in GTMO. I really do think that living here benefits family life. I'm so happy to know you!

    Keep doing what you love, Chica!

  2. miss you miss you... but so happy that you are all doing well! How is Josh? Kate finishes her first year! Time flys doesnt it...
    take care