Friday, March 26, 2010


No need to panic!

Yes, we felt several earthquakes in the last few weeks, but most memorable were the ones we felt last weekend.
We were sitting in our living room around 2:30 pm when suddenly, the whole house began to shake. Side to side. I felt like a toy in a doll house, completely out of control.

It was registered as a 5.6 and about 28 miles off the coast of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. About an hour later there was another mild one and then another 1/2 hour after that.

The smart thing to do in the event of an earthquake is to get up, grab the kids, and get out of the house. We just sat there in shock! Wow! I was literally shaken. Still today I wonder if the occasional dizzy spell I get when I get up too fast is just another earthquake.

The thing is that they are happening everyday somewhere around the world. Some are not felt at all because they are too deep or too far or if you're driving you wont feel them but it is a good thing to realize that no one country or region is targeted by the earthquake goddess.

Check out this link of the EMSC - it lists earthquakes as they happen... this was an eye opener because it will show even the littlest shake, we generally only hear about the big ones, the ones that cause damage, kill people, and make the news more interesting.

All that said, we are fine, no damages to the base, buildings or people and no tsunamis. For me this was a reminder of how lucky we are that we have nothing to report after being shaken like toys in a toy house.

Back to writing more papers and finishing my coursework...I barely see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Until next time!



  1. I'm just glad the earth beneath us has quieted for a bit ;)

  2. Hey it's Carly...I just wanted to wish Emily a happy birthday :) Sorry I'm a day late, we just got back from vacation. Hope all is well. :)