Friday, March 12, 2010

It's GiTMO

I feel detached from our world in the U.S.
We lived where we could pick up the phone and call anyone, anytime, anywhere without giving it a second thought.
To call my family I need a calling card. It should be a staple on my grocery list but I forget and once I'm back from the store I'm not likely to go back.

Shopping...ha! That's laughable. What I need now is not going to happen so I must adjust my radar so I know what we'll need in the next ten days that way I have time to order online.

I have internet but it's slow, unpredictable, and sometimes non-existent.

Dust has to become my friend or it will drive me crazy to be in it's company on a daily basis. Once a week dusting, that's it, no more!

OK enough of the whining.... where the real wine!!

Here in the land of constant sunshine, iguanas, banana rats, mosquitoes and no-see-ums life is not as terrible as I make it sound in my whining, although, I admit I do miss all the luxuries of living in a "developed" country.

But here I have instant friends-- just add wine.
Let me share what I mean.

Last week I asked around for a book called Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. It's my new attempt to get more veggies into our meals. Anyway, within minutes I had several e-mails of people I know and some I haven't met offering to lend me the book and the best yet, one from someone who happen to be in the states on vacation offering to purchase the book for me. A week later and she's back in Cuba with my book.

Try doing that in a place you've only lived in for less then 90 days.

The beaches are always welcoming, almost always warm, and always beautiful.

There are so many social activities I can hardly keep up, never a dull moment.

So while I may not have my Khols, JC Penny's, Farm Fresh and Costco; here I have friends, a safe environment for the kids, and a lot of fishing (if you're into that stuff).

Soon we'll have our boating license and that is one activity I think we'll enjoy quite a bit. Can't wait!!

Pictures coming soon, until then, take care!!



  1. Girl, the benefits to living here FAR outweigh the disadvantages!!! And I can tell you're seeing that. If you ever want to head this way for that glass of wine, you know where to find me ;)

    Honestly... I can adjust my shopping/cooking to accommodate the lack of supplies at the commissary. I can deal with the lack of shopping and dining options. And I don't even miss cell phones even a little... but I DO miss reliable, high-speed Internet...

    Just sayin'

  2. Hello, we are due there next month and your blogs have helped us prepare for our pending trip. Any advice as far as what we need to ship right now (about 3 weeks out) to "ourselves" down there?

  3. Hi Terie!

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the past month. My family and I will be moving there in two weeks and I wanted to ask if you had any advice to give for us "newbies".

    Tamara {:-)