Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time management and fatigue

As much as I wanted all my stuff to arrive, I wish it had come with an "unpacker" and "personal organizer" to take care of that part of my problems. At the risk of sounding lazy, I just can't bring myself to doing all this stuff. Now, once I get started it's not an issue I can go on and on until it's all done, however, I don't live alone and I do not like missing my social activities. There must be a balance between the "must do's" and the "want to do's" in my life.

Yesterday I felt what I think was the result of doing too much physically and mentally and not eating or drinking enough water. I was light headed (and no I had no wine, maybe that's the problem, hmmmm) but I was also tired like I could go to sleep, except Jonathan wasn't sleeping and the girls were about to come home to share their adventures for the day with me. Then I had to make dinner, clean up a few messes, unpack a few boxes, etc... etc...

I realized part of my problem was dehydration. Not drinking enough water throughout the day. As well as nutrition - not eating enough of all the right foods throughout the day. I think I had one meal and coffee. Somehow I lost track of time and then it was 3 pm. I let everything else take over my time. I was just very tired.

Having recognized that and really not liking the debilitating feeling at all - I can't stand to be down, it really sucks the life out of me; I remember one of the little tricks that helps me stay on track-- a simple to-do list. That's all, oh and I will journal my food and water intake for a couple of days until I'm back on track. Having a to-do list is great because not only do I see what I need to do but I can see what I have already done and realize that my time didn't just disappear without me having done something-- does that even make sense? I feel more productive when I can see what I have accomplished that day. That is a great feeling.

So today looks like this:

  • Workout at 6am
  • Girls to school 7:15 am
  • Shower/Eat/check email/check homework 7:30-9 am
  • Jonathan's play time at the pool/playground 9:30-11:30 am
  • Lunch/Nap for the little man 12:00-3 <--- this is my time to do homework/read/nap if needed. Today I will unpack a few boxes in my bedroom - mostly books and linen
  • Girls home from school/homework/ start dinner 3 pm
  • Dinner 5:30
  • Movies with Michael 7pm - The Book of Eli
  • Chill time 9pm
  • Bed time 10 pm
Seems like a lot but this is manageable and keeps me just busy enough. A little time management is all I need.

Now off to get ready for the trip to the pool/playground where I will focus on my to-do for that time frame only.

Learn from my mistake - don't let things get out of control, don't let a few chores control your life; eat, drink, and exercise - the benefits are amazing and in the end -- Sleep Well - that's important too!!

Until next time,


  1. Time management... Yeah, something we could all do a little better, I'm sure. Did you make it out to the park or pool with all this drizzle? My morning got away from me, but it was pleasant anyway. Wine this afternoon (it's a staple, truly). I look forward to that ;) Ever get that "caged" feeling, come on over and have a glass with me :D

  2. 8-months before I used a software to manage my time, I am having a hard time managing it. Unlike now, that I simply set all the stuff that I needed to do and finish daily and voila! Everything is done every day.