Monday, November 1, 2010

Blue Monday - Fall Season is upon us...sort of

This past weekend reminded me how much I miss a little cold air during this time of year.  It seems impossible to get in the spirit of the season when you are walking around in tanks, shorts and flip-flops, using mosquito repellent, and going kayaking early in the morning.  

Right around the beginning of October we would begin to use the old crock pot several times a week making the transition from outdoor grilling to soups and stews.  The kids come home with crafts and activities related to the Fall season.  We begin raking, raking, raking, taking a pictures in the piles of leaves and raking some more.  By the way, that's quite the workout, embrace it!  My other favorite is visiting local the farmers market to pick up the best of the season.  Mmmmmm, nothing beats eating exactly what the season offers, nothing more, nothing less. 

Then there's the pumpkin patch, haunted trails, the corn maize, and costume selections.  We love carving pumpkin and lighting up the jack-o-lanterns.  This is our first year living in Guantanamo Bay and it's just not the same.  We carved one pumpkin and forgot to light it up, went on a hay ride wearing shorts and t-shirts, picked pumpkin from a field where they were strategically placed, and went to a local party where we could all be outdoors sweating instead of freezing.  It's very different.

I do appreciate the efforts our Morale, Welfare, and Recreation department put forth to give the kids a piece of what they miss from the states.  To me that matters more then what I miss.  I can always make my indoors a little cooler and turn on the crock pot, bake a pie or two and for just a little while make believe it's cold outside.  It was a fun weekend for everyone, busy, but fun!!  Enjoy the blues and please, visit Sally at Smiling Sally to see all the beautiful blues shared by others around the world!!

Happy Fall...

~~ Terie


  1. I see that blue pumpkin.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday, Terie.

  2. cute blue take.
    reflective post. Thanks for sharing.

    here is mine:

  3. I almost missed the blues for looking at the cute kids! Living in a totally new and different place does, I imagine, take some getting used to, but also gives the opportunity to learn new things in a different environment...and I think that creating substitutions for one's usual customs could be interesting and challenging. Thanks for visiting my blog!