Thursday, December 9, 2010's been so long!

Well it sure has been a long time since I last updated anyone about our life in GiTMO.  Everyday I come across stories and events that I want to write about and to share with the family.  Then the days come and go and eventually there are so many things I want to share that I end up sharing nothing at all.  Who ever thought that in a place that is so small and so limited one could be so busy, particularly during the holidays.

There are several holiday parties being planned, a few kid's birthdays on the same day, same time, different place; the Spouses Club Cocktail party, Boat Parade, Float parade, tour of homes, and the unchanging gatherings that come up on a daily basis for one reason or another... are you tired yet?

One thing I have to say about living here is that there is no reason for anyone to be bored or lonely.  Here we have to schedule time to be alone. Turn off the phones and the computer and literally, disconnect from human contact.  But most of you know, that's just not me so busy is good.  A little stress which puts me into action so that's a good thing.

Thanksgiving day was very nice.  While we missed the cold weather we were accustomed to in the North East there was not a lack for families, food, and experiencing a nice day away from those we love.  Having this local family is so important and I hope the people that are just arriving embrace this new family.  We spent the afternoon with the GiTMO Latino Families.  They had a Turkey and a Pig roasting over a fire Pitt in the back yard, teens playing games, kids playing in a bounce house, ladies dancing, guys laughing (at the ladies) and really great conversation with wonderful people.  We all miss our families but it really helps to be able to spend it with many other families also on the same boat.

Soon after we began planning to decorate and participate in the parade of floats.  Not exactly the Macy's Day Parade but definitely a lot of fun and a lot less people.  Our float was really great, the Seabees did a great job decorating it, however, at the last minute we discovered a faulty generator and our lights and music were not working.  We became the "greenest" float that day with lights from the fire truck behind us and our voices singing holiday music for about 1.5 miles.  The fun thing about this parade is that everyone knows everyone so it was cool to see people you know waving you by as we passed them on the road.  They waved, we threw candy, fun times.  At the end Santa and Mrs. Clause were available for the children to visit and get their gifts from Santa and of course pictures.  All in all, it was two hours of fun the kids will always remember.

Now we are planning the department party on Friday night, Santa will be there as well with more gifts for the kids, the spouses club cocktail party at the Admiral's house and from there we will be able to see the parade of boats (pictures to come soon.)  Finally, Sunday we have the Tour of Homes, of which I am a part.  This is a lot like a progressive dinner, except there's no dinner, just appetizers and drinks.  I have a feeling by the end of the night the people touring the homes will be well fed and partially intoxicated.  I don't have to travel, I just have to clean my house, decorate with what I have and welcome guests who come in increments of 10.  I am making a Sangria, Mulled Cider, BBQ Meatballs with mini rolls and a Spinach dip served in a bread bowl.   My house is as decked as it's ever going to be...I'm ready!

December 14th is the day we look forward to the most.  We are traveling to the states to visit family and friends.  I can't wait to see everyone, especially my son Josh.  He turns 20 today and I miss him so much.  I miss making his favorite stack of pancakes with lots of butter, syrup and a candle on his birthday.  We will celebrate next week with a trip to the Mall.  Me, King of Prussia Mall, and four kids~~~ Yikes!  I better take my B12.  We will be home before Christmas, if all goes well.

Whew!!  This doesn't even include the Diving I've done and plan to do before the trip, the kayaking with my morning class, Michael's fishing trips, Emily awesome grades this quarter, Natalie's soccer and tennis fun, and Jonathan's.... well everything about him!

Oh almost forgot, you know we have a dog, Honey.  She's awesome.  Best dog ever.  Well, we also have 2 darn cute.  Had to rescue them from the needle.  The were born stray and generally they are put down after a while if no one adopts them.  They are very playful and at times very annoying as heck but so darn cute and cuddly.

OK that's all I can give for now.... I'm tired, have to teach Spinning tomorrow could use a little time to just sit and do nothing.  Good Night!!


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  1. I have just accepted a position at GTMO and have a few questions for you if it isn't an imposition.

    Is there any storage in the house, if not is it possible to bring a small portable storage building with the household goods? In a three bedroom house - will one of the bedrooms be big enough for a king size bedroom suite?

    Is it possible to ship a boat from the States?

    Are there any boats or golf carts for sale?

    Please send your response to: