Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another beautiful Sunday afternoon

As much as I sometimes crave a little cold air outside, less biting bugs, and maybe even a little snow, there is so much more to be missed from days like today.  I have been here a year and two months and last year at this time I was still in awe of the view from just about any point on this corner of the island.  We have a splendid view of the bay and often we see sail boats, fishing boats, pontoons and other non-motorized water vehicles go by.  It reminds me of being on vacation, particularly on Sundays when everything seems to be quiet and calm.

I like to take Honey, our Lab, for a walk early in the morning when the air is somewhat cool.  Midday I like to sit outside and enjoy the breeze, reflect on what I've accomplished and what awaits in the following weeks. It's just nice to really take the time to just BE.  I for one admit I have given up that time and I miss it, a lot.  I decided to take back my ME time.  Because we're only here on this base for a short while and I want our time to be memorable.

Soon our family will be visiting and we can't wait.  As most people do here when the family is in town, there are plans to go everywhere...the beaches, the pool, the restaurants, the night life (what little there is), walks, hikes, and of course time to just BE.

Can't wait... ten days and counting!!

Until next time, go BE who you want to be and enjoy everything you are and have.



  1. Terie,
    First off...I'm sending (virtually!) some snow flakes YOUR way (we have more than enough!!).

    What a wonderful view to savor each day...mmmm....

    Enjoy the visit by your family, and your time together...

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    Is it possible to ship a boat from the States?

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