Sunday, February 13, 2011

A quiet afternoon

I know, I know, it's been a long time since I updated. I really love to write about everything and anything and most times I have great ideas in my head that I want to share but those usually come at the wrong time, like in the shower or while I'me driving or grocery shopping. Hardly the right time or place jot things down as I used to.

Today is a quiet afternoon in Guantanamo. After a busy morning at church, cleaning up at home and contemplating what to make for dinner, everyone decided to just chill. Jonathan is watching TV and Natalie is on the computer (I know, the horrors of electronics.) Emily is out boating with a friend and Michael is somewhere between working on yet another gorgeous Jewelry Box and cutting the weeds out front. I am taking advantage of the recent drop in temperature.

Just a few hours ago we had 95 degree temps with humidity about the same and suddenly it became cloudy, a cool breeze swept through the bay and the temperature now reads 85 degrees. It's not as cloudy but the humidity is much lower.

I'm sitting out back facing the bay, my mango tree and all the little mangoes growing on it, my dog Honey just hanging out and my treats, Sangria, Cheese, Triscuits and Pepper Jelly. I truly feel like I'm at a vacation house just taking it easy. Love, Love, Love days like these.

So what's happening in Guantanamo Bay? I guess a lot of little things. There's hardly ever a weekend when we don't have an event to attend, mandatory or not. Sometimes we have farewell parties, others just fun birthday celebrations. We celebrate kids and adults birthdays or accomplishments; we get together for a reason or just because. When we're not busy running to a sporting event, either to participate or as a spectator; we're running, just because someone thinks running 10 miles at 6:30 am is fun. I've been fortunate enough to run with some really amazing women several times and each time they add a mile or two... we're up to ten!

This month I am busy helping to plan the Seabee Ball and the CEC Birthday, all of which is happening March 5th. I do enjoy planning these events but with limited resources it can be quite the challenge. We have been fortunate, my friend Michelle and I. Hasbro donated 20 Tonka trucks to help with decorations. The Seabees are building old fashioned tool boxes which we are filling up with toy tools and everyone in the community is helping simply by participating in our fundraising events. We expect to have a full house at the Ball, we all ordered our dresses or found something to where on island; tickets and seats have been reserved and in a few more weeks the party will go on as planned. I can't wait!

Tomorrow we will go sailing with some friends. It's a valentines day celebration on a sail boat which will cost us nothing. Again, vacation or real life? Not sure. Hopefully the bay wont be closed due to weather concerns.

Boating, Kayaking and Sailing is really not that difficult to do here. Getting the captain's license is easy and quick, renting a boat easier, costs=priceless. Actually, it's about $10-14 per hour plus gas. Really inexpensive.

This year I decided to cut back on how many classes I teach, so I'm down to 4 regular classes and a few others that come up when a sub is needed. On the other hand, I'm training quite a few people on the side and I'm training myself, working on me on my own time. I plan to do more diving, hopefully soon with Michael once he gets certified and more outdoor fun stuff. Sometimes we get stuck in the daily activities of everyday life and we forget to have fun. This place may be secluded and limited in resources but the beaches are practically private, the wather is always perfect for water activities and then there are days like today, cool, quiet and enjoyable.

It is like this everywhere and with everyone, we get comfortable where we are and with our busy lives and forget to look outside our windows and just enjoy life. The life around us without having to travel anywhere or spend any money. I know, it's easy for me to say, look where I live but I believe I said the same thing when I went for a cold brisk walk through a snowy park and when went for a run in the rain.

Really looking forward to our family visit in March, can't wait!!!!

Until next time,

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  1. Hi,
    Enjoyed reading your blog. My husband, son and I are moving to gtmo in a few weeks . I have been a little nerves ,but you blog has helped me