Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cirque Odyssey

Last night was a really fun night here in GTMO. MWR has been doing a great job bringing in different acts. Musicians, comedians,even the Missoula Children's theatre was here recently. I have pictures and more to say about that later.

But about last night. The one time I leave my house without my camera, we went to see Cirque Odyssey, similar to Cirque De Soleil, sort of. There were contortionists, dancers, really strong guys and very interesting acts on stage.

Recently weve been tailgating prior to any good show. It's a way to have fun, get out with friends and let the kids play while we wait for the show to start. Tailgating at an outdoor theater has been the highlight of our evenings out.

Chelsey Handler was here a few months ago making us laugh along with a few of her friends, we've had several musicians in every genre, and now were gearing up for the Navy Ball, the Marine Corps Ball and early next year the Seabee Ball.

Never a boring day here in Guantanamo Bay, at least not if you don't want it to be.

So much more to share...until next time!

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