Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricanes in GTMO

As soon as Hurricane season comes around we are bombarded with information on how to prepare in case this is "the big one," how to prepare a hurricane kit, where to go if we have to evacuate (funny as that sounds, some of us do have to evacuate), and we learn to memorize the sirens played around the base that tell us exactly what to do, you know, in case the big one hits us here in GTMO.

I have lived here almost two years and after all the preparedness we've done we have yet to get anything more than some wind and some rain. In fact, we've seen more rain in the month of May with no major storm preparation then in the last two hurricane threats of the season.

Now understand, that doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare or have kit ready as well as an evacuation plan. Not at all.  We always have a plan, we just never get to put into action, which is just fine with me and we are very grateful to be spared the troubles of housing the pets, tying down the outdoor furniture, and moving to the Elementary School.  I would have to include Wine in my Hurricane Kit.

During this hurricane season, I can't help but think about the people who live in the Hurricane Alley and can't evacuate or can't protect what little they have.  I can only pray they do the best they can to survive and that the Hurricane loses strength or takes a detour, something.  We are fortunate enough to have the means to protect our loved ones and our homes.

If you are considering GTMO as your next duty station or even as a contractor know this:

The last major Hurricane to really hit GTMO was in 1963.
Base security does a really great job preparing the base.
We have hurricane safe homes and other buildings used for evacuation purposes.
Our NEX and Commissary are well stocked and also do a great job helping us prepare hurricane kits.

As for the pets, we generally talk to families with pets and arranged to have ours stay with them. There's always a way around the shelter restrictions.

On this Hurricane number two of the season I can say that our Soccer or Volleyball games have not been canceled; swimming lessons are still on, and everything functions as usual. Hopefully saying this wont mean that the next hurricane is going to flood the base, yikes! Anyway, it's alright here, even during the hurricane season.

Emily gave us some rain, Irene a little wind, that's all.

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