Sunday, May 20, 2012

Smar Fair, Talent show, Prom, Graduation, moving -- never a dull moment in GTMO

We have been BUSY here in GTMOland!

First, the SMART fair. FUN. This is an event where students display their best visual and performance talent.  So many kids with so many great ideas.  For example, the 2nd grade class was tasked with reusing items front he trash to make something useful, bottles were turned into flower pots or pencil holders, egg cartons were turned into jewelry boxes and bead holders; other kids presented their creations with paint, clay, rocks, shells, beads and more.  It was entertaining and educational.  I left there with my favorite message in mind... "Unless..." (think Dr. Seuss' The Lorax).  My daughter Emm displayed a few of her art pieces, seen below.  So talented.... My next house will be decked with her artwork.

The Prom was next.  The event of the year for the class of 2012, all 9 of them.  OK so it's a small class but a great group of kids.  They have worked hard, they can't hide in a crowd of hundreds, they really have to put forth best effort, best attitude, best behavior because everyone knows who they are.  On the bright side, everyone knows who they are and everyone does what they can to help them and support them.  This year the prom was held at the Admiral's house.  How many kids can say that?  Well just nine kids can say that.  The event was amazing.  They were taken on boat rides from the Admiral's dock, returned to find great food and a beautiful cake, then the coronation of king, queen, princesses and courts. For our family this was the best part because our little Emm was the prom queen.  That is a once in a lifetime honor.

The talent show.... wow another fun filled event.  The show was great, better then I expected. These kids are so brave to get up on that stage and perform anything, it was great.

Coming soon, graduation.  Emm is graduating June 8th.  How I feel about her leaving will be in another post.  Suffice it to say that I am excited for her, happy that she's happy about going to college and looking forward to starting a new chapter with only 2 kids in the house.

Finally, the big move, yet again.  That's right, we are moving from GTMO.  I'm going to miss this place and this will also be in a new post. GTMO is such a unique place, it's not reality, by far. But it's unique, special and right now, hot, hot, hot!

I will have to post the list of questions I usually get  and my outgoing messages from orders, to pack-out, to the final farewell.  Ugh.. not looking forward to any of that but I am looking forward to other adventures.

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Terie!  Thanks for publishing your blog! I have enjoyed reading about life in GTMO!  I am coming to GTMO as an entertainer and will have a few days on the base to enjoy and explore.  I and  my colleagues are really excited! I do have a few questions and was hoping you could help answer them...

    I am hoping to Skype back home while I am down there.  I am a new dad and want to connect with my wife and baby, but I understand that internet is pretty poor/unreliable (?).  
    Is there a certain time of day that I should should have no problems getting connected? 
    Out of the "public" Wifi spots, is there one that's better than the others (coffee shop, library, Windjammer...?)?
    Can everything I pay for be paid in American dollars (sorry if this seems like a silly question, I've never been on a base outside the US before)?

    Warm regards, Craig