Saturday, June 2, 2012

Two Cats need a NEW GTMO home

Good Day soon-to-be GTMO Families,

We are preparing to move in a couple of months and would like to find a home or homes for the two kittens we've been boarding.  They are 3 years old born and raised in GTMO.  Their names are Mittens and Shadow.

They will be up to date on all shots and will come with all they need to get you started for at least two months- tags, litter box, litter, food and food bowls...etc.

They are great at keeping critters at bay (the occasional roach or mice), they love to play with lights, shadows, feathers, string, and anything that crinkles, like plastic bags.

We have to rent our next home and it is extremely difficult to find a rental just in general but one that accepts pets, particularly cats, impossible.  I took them in to keep them from going on death row in hopes someone would want to keep them while on island.  I contacted the vet and her hands are tied...if they don't find a home...well, you know what can happen :-(

Email me and let me know if you're interested in a visit, more pictures, and/or adoption or fostering while on island.

Thank You.  

~ Terie


  1. Hi Terie,

    I would like to email you with a few questions i have about GTMO. I have a family member that will be moving there in a few months and your blog has been the most helpful source of information. I looked all over your blog page and G+ page but i dont see an email address anywhere.



  2. Hello Joe, sorry not sure what happened with my email me link, I'll fix that. In the mean time here is my email, just remove the parenthesis - I have to do that to avoid getting spammed - yirabella(@)gmail(.)com

    Talk soon

  3. Hello, Teri,
    About 60 members of visited Guantanamo Bay,3/14 to 3/18/2014. We are all past residents of the base. I myself was stationed on Leeward Point 64-65.
    I had been searching web geared to GITMO for the past year in prep for out trip. I learned a lot from your blog. I can say many things have changed over 50 years.
    Housing was not an issue. Most were assigned to East Caravella, The Navy Lodge and some at the Gateway.
    Four days was fun but not enough time to enjoy everything. I hope to go back in a year and slow down a little, spread the visit out to 2 weeks.
    Although we saw one kitty at Leeward on Tuesday 3/18, for the most part they were out numbered by Banana Rats.
    Thanks again for a great blog.
    Bill Sedlak