Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family in Guantanamo - Beach Days, Seaglass & Farewell

WOW what a week it has been! Exciting! Oh, wait, that was only three days? OK. It felt more like a week. We have done a lot in such a small place and now showing off the next 2 days before departure.  It's time to head to the beach, yet again, except this time we are going Seaglass hunting.

It's Monday and today we visit Glass Beach.  Some say that a bar was located on the bluff just above the waters.  Prior to environmental concerns the liquor and beer bottles were tossed over the edge.  These now wash up on the shorelines of Glass Beach.  One will never really know the true origin of a piece unless it has a distinct label, either way, they are pretty and fun to collect.

We enjoyed our time on the beach with several other friends.  The evening was complete with more settlers of Catan, Zumba and Tennis. Oh and I can't forget to mention the ride up JPJ (John Paul Jones) where we stood just under the wind turbines to watch the city lights, ours and the Cubans.

Tuesday we visited Girl Scout Beach. Another seaglass hunters dream beaches here in Cuba.  Like Glass Beach, this beach is littered with seaglass and other artifacts.  Here we found bigger pieces of coke bottle green and a few blues.  We spent two hours digging in the rocks before rushing back for our lunch date with the kids.

At home we did a quick changeover, picked up the kids from school and met Emily, Michelle and Giovanni for lunch at the Windjammer Restaurant.  The food wasn't bad.  My Cuban Sandwich was delicious. A quick trip to the library, drop off the kids at school and we're off to another sightseeing afternoon.

We stopped by the Golf Club and driving range which looks a little dry. We like to call it "challenging" because only the holes are green, everything in between is dry and rocky.  However, it's what we have and it gets used plenty.

Our last afternoon together we they spent playing ... you guessed it, Settlers of Catan.  After two exhausting games we walked with Honey to the Jerk House to pick up dinner.  I'm told the food is spicy but delicious.  I have burgers as my back up plan.  It was a nice walk and after the week we've had, it was well deserved.

Michael, Mom and Aunt Helen went to see "The Fighter" at the Lyceum, I stayed behind and fell asleep on the couch.  I must have been really tired....nah! That's me every night (with or without company :-)

At 0600 on Wednesday I dropped Helen and Toots off at Ferry Landing; the Fery was already there.  The flight, scheduled to leave at 0800 appeared to be on time.  While it was a long day for the travelers, they will have ample opportunities to rest once they're home.

I hope the experience was memorable.  I hope I captured all the highlights of what we did, at least enough to help us remember our week with Family in Guantanamo!  I loved it!

Anyone else ready for a vacation in Guantanamo Bay? See you soon!


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