Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family in Guantanamo - Fitness, Fun, Tennis, ice cream

Saturday was designated as the exercise, fun, games, and ice cream day.  Today we broke up into groups.  Two of us went to the Aerobothon sponsored by MWR.  That is a 2.5 hour long event filled with different fitness classes.  I had to teach one of them so we chose to participate in my class and the Zumba class.  That was fun.

Michael took everyone else to see Natalie's basketball game.  They won.  Great job Jazz!  After our fitness challenges we took a lunch break and went to our little coffee shop and Tennis courts to play, eat ice cream, and read in the courtyard by the bay.  My girls are not confident players even though I'm paying a weekly fee to get them trained.  Makes me question whether I should continue the training.  Oh well, at least they are getting exercise. We all had a great time and the weather, once again, was perfect!

Later we went to the Navy Exchange to pick up dinner and breakfast items.  There I showed them the little friendship garden in front of the NEX.  It bloomed very pretty flowers, wish they were in my yard.  They also purchased some seaglass jewelry items from Mark's  kiosk.

Michael went fishing with his mom at the Admiral's dock while the rest of us prepared a fabulous dinner: Grilled BBQ chicken, oven-baked home fries, salad, and wine.   We finished the evening with a game of Settlers of Catan.

Another great day in Guantanamo Bay!
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  1. Terri, I am trying to locate a couple that moved to Gitmo from Roseville, ca. He is a retired air controller by the name I think, is Mark.
    I met them last Saturday at San Quentin, ca where they helped me when I was caught in a rain storm with my car keys,etc locked in my car. They were on vacation and may still be, visiting an aunt in SF. If you can help me find them, I would appreciate it very very much. If you would give them my email address, it is whackyjack16@comcast.net. My name is jackie. I would very much like to thank them for helping me. Thank you. jackie