Thursday, March 17, 2011

Family in Guantanamo - Brunch, Lighthouse, Sailing

It's Sunday and day four of this great adventure.  We have great plans for today and everything went smoothly, as if I had requested a perfect day from the weather goddess :-)

First we went to Sunday brunch at the Bayview.  This is a restaurant with a great view of the bay.  The brunch is not spectacular but it's not bad either.  We chose to sit outside and enjoy the weather, the nice breeze, and a little sunshine.  We know we shouldn't eat all we can eat but it's hard not to, especially in the dessert section.  We finished off the morning with delicious mimosas.

After brunch we picked up Michael and went to see the Lighthouse and the boats that were once used by Cubans defecting to the U.S.  It is unfortunate that these relics and even the lighthouse are in such poor conditions and with no money for repair or maintenance, it is unlikely they will be around much longer.

We finished the day with our friends Henry and Michelle sailing in the bay waiting for the sunset.  The wind was perfect for sailing, the food was delicious (empanadas, finger sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, and sangria) and the company could not have been better.

Thank You Michelle and Henry for a lovely afternoon.  

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